3/8" (10mm) Silicone Flat Pads

3/8" (10mm) Silicone Flat Pads


3/8" (10mm) Thick Silicone Gel Flat Pads

Made from silicone GEL - this pad is extremely comfortable. It retains its ‘soft feel’ REGARDLESS of the outside temperature. You can use it in any temperature and it will retain its ‘soft feel’.

As a SOLID GEL - they can be cut to fit where they are needed.

This GEL pad is made from a proprietary silicone GEL that is odorless and doesn’t absorb moisture or odors. It is non-toxic but not edible.

HIGHLY Recommended when pressure issues are combined with need for stability in spite of temperature fluctuations.

Highly useful as a topper on foam - inside an existing cushion cover or on their own when high pressure relief is needed in a thin profile.

Not Recommended when less stringent requirements can be met with a less expensive product.

Not Recommended when shear and / or moisture concerns are high. Dimensional GEL pads are better and can be purchased on this site.

Cutting Instructions: We recommend creating a paper template for a precise fit. Use brown kraft paper or a brown shopping bag and cut the paper to fit the space. Use tape and more paper if your template is too small in one area or another. Your final paper template should fit perfectly. When you have a good pattern - trace the pattern onto the GEL using a permanent marker. Using a craft knife - cut on the pattern lines.