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Patients risk of pressure sores overcome

By Danielle Base, Occupational Therapist and Gel Ovations Clinical Consultant

Our latest case study shows just how effective Gel Ovations products are in preventing pressure sores.


Medical History/Environment


Doris is a lovely 78 year old lady who lives at home. She has Alzheimer’s disease and has 24 hour care at home.  Doris is able to follow clear guidance, but can become agitated at times during the day.


Assessment/Issues Identified:


Doris has a comfortable and familiar armchair that she sits in during the day. She transfers between chair, commode and bed using a ReTurn with assistance of one. Concerns were identified as Doris slides down her chair during the day and tends to sit on her sacrum.  


The carers noted that her skin was becoming very red around her sacral area and she was at very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.  Carers try to reposition Doris regularly during the day,however she sometimes becomes agitated and refuses this.


Doris was provided with a 4” medium risk foam pressure cushion, which did not meet her needs because:

  • The cushion made the seat height too high for Doris, which affected her positioning her chair and increased pressure through her sacrum and ischial tuberosity.

  • The cushion raised the seat height, which caused increased difficulty with transfers using the ReTurn.  Due to the cushion height, Doris’s feet could not reach the floor. Carers had to assist with this, which increased their moving handling.  

  • The armrests height of the chair were also too low, which inhibited transfers.

  • The cushion tended to move/slide down the chair and Doris was at higher risk of sliding out of her chair.



A dimensional gel pad was issued.




Shearing reduced.  Redness cleared and no pressure ulcer developed.

Dimensional pad stayed in place.  Did not slide on the chair, which reduced Doris’s risk of sliding out of her chair.Transfers improved.  Seat height and armrest height maintained, which made transfers easier with the ReTurn and reduced moving and handling for the carers.


Doris continues to use the Dimensional Gel Pad to meet her pressure care needs and reduce her risk of developing pressure ulcers.

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TVS Conference and Expo 2019


Gel Ovations Europe will be at the TVS Conference and Expo 2019, held on Wednesday 1st May and Thursday 2nd May at St Mary's Stadium, Southampton.

Organised by the Tissue Viability Society, we will be at stand number 47 so please come and see us to find out more about our Gel Ovations dimensional gel pads. Used throughout the NHS for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, our Dimensional Pads improve tissue viability by providing sedentary patients with a soft, coolinglayer of protection. Precision engineered from medical grade silicone, the pads feature a matrix of soft ‘buttons’ which promote airflow, reducing shearing and abrasions.

Gel Ovations products are widely issued by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Nurses. The Dimensional gel pads are used wherever optimum pressure care is required. We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!

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Tips for Preventing Pressure Sores


Yet 95% of pressure sores are preventable2Knowing the key ways to prevent pressure sores (also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers) is vital if you, or someone you are caring for, have reduced mobility.

Change positions frequently

Movement is key to tackling pressure sores. If the person cannot get up to move about to exercise regularly, make sure they reposition every couple of hours to reduce pressure on the skin.

The most common places for pressure sores to form are on the bottom, heels, hips, elbows, ankles, shoulders, spine and back of the head.

Someone who spends long periods of time in bed can even develop sores on their ears, so it is vital to look closely at the individual pressure points and regularly check them for any changes to the skin condition.

Remove the pressure

Whether in a wheelchair, seat or bed, constant support is needed to remove the pressure on the skin, as well as to provide greater comfort levels.

We created our Gel Ovation Dimensional Gel Pads to provide a soft, cooling and comforting layer of protection to protect against pressure sores.

Our pads are be used in rise and recline seating, wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment throughout the NHS and widely specified by Occupational Therapists and Nurses, as an essential part of its pressure care regime.

Our clinical gel technicians will custom-form our gel pads to fit the users’ exact body shape and requirements to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

Importantly, the use of our Dimensional Gel pads also speeds up the healing process, if pressure sores have already developed.

Keep skin clean and dry

Pressure sores like moist conditions so the cleaner and drier the skin is, the less likely it is that they will develop. Use warm water and mild soap to clean the skin, and gently pat it dry with a towel to avoid irritating the skin.

We have made sure that all of our products are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and are designed to promote air-flow for better ventilation and a cooling effect to tackle this common problem.

Drink plenty of water

Staying well-hydrated gives your skin greater elasticity and stronger resistance to pressure sores, so be sure to have at least two litres of water a day and eat a good, healthy diet to prevent pressure sores from forming.

Find out more about our pressure care products.
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Introducing the New Forehead Stabilizer


This summer Gel Ovations Europe launched an exciting new line to their STA RITE line of Hardware with the classic Gel padding. At the European Seating Symposium, Dublin and the Posture & Mobility Group Meeting, Manchester clinitians and therapists had the first glimpse of the STA RITE FOREHEAD STABILIZER. The new product created much excitment and great interest.

The fully adjustble stabilizer allows you to postion the support exactly where you need it with the added reassurance that it will stay in positon. The 'WOW' factor is the simple swing away mechanism that moves the stabilizer away when it is not required. The added feel of the Dimensional Gel gives the user unparralled comfort in use.

The Stabilizers are supplied with three new headrest sizes and styles from 10" to 14" in length. As always the Gel Ovation headrests are also padded with the unique Dimensional gel. An added benefit is that the Stabilizer can also be ordered on it's own to use in conjunction with your existing headrest. 

For more information please call: 01454 285071 or E: [email protected]