Bieber Brown

Bieber Brown

RibCap Bieber is a soft protective helmet that is perfect for your child when the weather gets cold. From mildly cool to moderate or intense weather, RibCap Bieber proves itself as the ultimate epilepsy, autism or general seizure helmet for our child.


Covered with a premium merino wool fabric from the outside, the RibCap Bieber gives a stylish and fashionable look that your child will love. It has a fleece lining which keeps the head warm in all weathers, and there is a thick protective foam layer that is breathable and shock absorbent to protect against any head injury. Bieber has proved itself as the children's favourite head protection. Let your child live in confidence, and buy your RibCap Bieber in your favourite colour today.

Unique features for all Ribcap’s:

  • Ribcap is based on a totally new idea: soft protection with style! 
  • Unique – no comparable product on the market 
  • Light and comfortable to wear 
  • 100% breathable 
  • Washable
  • Foldable and storable  
  • 2 different sizes for a perfect fit (midi/maxi)
  • Weight: 120g-200g (depend on size)

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SizeCircumference in cm
Mini 47-49
Midi 50-52
Maxi 53-55
Small 53-55
Medium 56-58
Large 59-61
Extra-large 62-64