Introducing the New Forehead Stabilizer

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This summer Gel Ovations Europe launched an exciting new line to their STA RITE line of Hardware with the classic Gel padding. At the European Seating Symposium, Dublin and the Posture & Mobility Group Meeting, Manchester clinitians and therapists had the first glimpse of the STA RITE FOREHEAD STABILIZER. The new product created much excitment and great interest.

The fully adjustble stabilizer allows you to postion the support exactly where you need it with the added reassurance that it will stay in positon. The 'WOW' factor is the simple swing away mechanism that moves the stabilizer away when it is not required. The added feel of the Dimensional Gel gives the user unparralled comfort in use.

The Stabilizers are supplied with three new headrest sizes and styles from 10" to 14" in length. As always the Gel Ovation headrests are also padded with the unique Dimensional gel. An added benefit is that the Stabilizer can also be ordered on it's own to use in conjunction with your existing headrest. 

For more information please call: 01454 285071 or E: [email protected]

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